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We Fight For Victims Of Dental And Orthodontic Malpractice

Dental care and orthodontic care are equally as important as other kinds of medical care. You trust dentists and orthodontists to provide the treatment you need — and not to harm you. Unfortunately, dental negligence happens more often than most people realize, and the effects can be devastating.

At Stiver Law, we have extensive experience in identifying the signs of dental malpractice, and we can help you get the medical care and financial compensation you need if you have been harmed due to dental or orthodontic negligence.

We are a local New Mexico law firm. For a free consultation, please call us at 505-219-4440 or complete our contact form. We are an experienced team of dental malpractice attorneys representing injury victims in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe and throughout New Mexico.

Possible Signs Of Dental Malpractice

It is reasonable to assume that some amount of pain or discomfort will come with a dental or orthodontic procedure. However, you may be a victim of dental malpractice if you experience severe pain, permanent numbness or nerve damage affecting your face, tongue or lips.

At Stiver Law, we have the knowledge and experience to identify dental and orthodontic malpractice — and to help you obtain the compensation you need to move forward after an endodontic injury or an orthodontic injury.

Contact us as soon as possible if you have questions about any of the following after an endodontic or orthodontic procedure:

  • Permanent pain or numbness
  • Loss of sense of taste
  • Negligent extractions or implants
  • Nerve damage
  • Root canal injuries
  • Infections

Dentists and orthodontists — and their insurance providers — will do what they can to avoid responsibility for negligent treatment. It is only fair that you have a true advocate on your side to help you make things right. At Stiver Law, we are true advocates for victims of dental negligence. Please see our client testimonials to learn more about the outstanding service and representation we provide.

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We are a local New Mexico law firm. When you contact us, you speak directly with an experienced lawyer every time. For a free consultation, please call us in Albuquerque at 505-219-4440 or complete our contact form. We serve clients throughout New Mexico.