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What should I do after a car accident in New Mexico?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You never noticed the other vehicle heading your way, but they entered the intersection and hit you at a high speed. By the time you gathered your senses, you realized that you were involved in a significant collision with at least one other vehicle involved.

This kind of collision can make you question what you’re supposed to do next. Do you offer help? Do you try to move your vehicle? Is it serious enough to call 911? Here’s what you should remember.

Always call the police

To start with, you should always call the police after a car accident. If you or any other person has been hurt in the crash, the important thing is to protect your health and safety and that of others involved, and calling the police, who can send medical care, is the first step in doing that. Calling the police will also result in a police report, which can be helpful in your personal injury claim.

Take pictures

The next thing to do is to take pictures of the scene if possible. Though you may remember what’s happening well right now, your memory will fade. Photos will help you recall the day later on. Take pictures of the scene and the damage.

Gather information

After this, get the other driver’s information. Get their insurance information if possible, and attempt to get any contact information you can. If there are witnesses, you should ask them for their information as well, since they could be of help when you seek compensation for your injuries.

Speak with your attorney

Finally, you’ll want to call an injury attorney about the collision before you speak with any insurance agents. You should know that insurance companies may try to call you and settle the case soon after the accident. Their goal is to save money and reduce the amount they pay to you. Don’t let this happen. Make sure you understand your rights and ask the insurance agent to talk to your attorney instead of you, so you can focus on your healing and recovery.

These are a few steps to take after you’re involved in a collision in New Mexico. Getting into a crash can be a shock, but by taking these steps, you’ll be in a better position to make a claim for your injuries in the coming weeks or months.