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Mistakes that may prevent you from getting workers’ comp benefits

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

A work-related injury promises to prevent you from making a living whether for a short time or an extended period. But as long as your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, you are ensured of these much-needed benefits.

But, in order to get these benefits, you must apply. Not applying is one of the few critical mistakes that some workers make. Hesitation and other missteps will jeopardize any chances of securing workers’ compensation benefits.

Failing to get prompt treatment, saying too much to insurance company

Here are some mistakes that you must avoid making regarding matters related to workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Not immediately reporting your injury: Tell your employer right away about your injury, including minor injuries. A delay may lead to your physician or employer’s physician determining that your injury was not work-related.
  • Delaying medical treatment: Make sure to make a prompt appointment with your physician. However, in more serious circumstances, go to a medical facility’s emergency room. Procrastination may cause your employer’s insurance company to ascertain that your injury occurred elsewhere and not at work.
  • Not following prescribed treatment: Your physician has a treatment plan in place, so make sure to follow it, whether it involves additional testing and physical and occupational therapy. Follow through. Long gaps between treatment sessions may cause your injury symptoms to return.
  • Dismissing doctor’s orders: If your physician places certain restrictions on what you can do while recovering, listen to him or her. Such restrictions may include not lifting heavy objects and not overexerting yourself through walking or running.
  • Providing too much information to employer’s insurance company: An insurance company is looking out for your employer and does not have your best interests in mind. The insurance company’s representative hopes you say things details that may lead to denying your claim.
  • Not applying for workers’ compensation benefits: Pursue these benefits now. Your employer has the insurance. A couple of other things that you should not do: working while injured or taking sick leave or paid time off with the idea that you will soon recover.

Any of these mistakes may prevent you from receiving workers’ compensation benefits or delay receipt of them.

Avoid mistakes that become obstacles

You already face a major life obstacle from a work injury. Please do not let workers’ compensation-related mistakes stack up and lead to further obstacles. Avoid making choices that may prevent you from getting those much-needed benefits.