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3 common mistakes people make after a New Mexico car wreck

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

How someone responds to a crash – when one does occur – can have a lasting influence on their finances and even their physical well-being. It can be hard to make informed and intelligent decisions when flooded with a host of chemicals that aim to help someone to flee or fight.

People should, therefore, already have a plan in place as to the steps that they need to take and the mistakes they want to avoid in the wake of a wreck. The following are some of the most common and avoidable errors people make after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Verbally apologizing to other parties

Many people grew up apologizing not just for harming others but also for inconveniencing them. Someone involved in a crash that they believe another driver caused may apologize to the driver who ran the red light out of habit. They might also issue an apology to police officers or other first responders at the scene of the crash. Some people will apologize to insurance adjusters. It was apologies can seem like an admission of fault and could potentially compromise the accuracy of the police report or undermine someone’s compensation claim with the insurance company.

Failing to preserve the evidence

New Mexico crashes often occur on streets with high speed limits, like freeways, or at busy intersections. The motorists involved will feel an intense sense of pressure caused by traffic. They might move their vehicles before taking pictures or recording a video, which might affect their ability to prove who was at fault for the crash later. Whenever possible, properly documenting the scene of the crash before moving the vehicles can make a major difference if someone believes they will need to file a lawsuit or a sizable insurance claim later.

Choosing not to see a doctor

There will be injuries that occur in a crash that are obvious and impossible to ignore, like complete spinal cord injuries and painful broken bones. There are many other kinds of injuries that may seem minor or may not have any obvious symptoms at all immediately after the crash. People may need to undergo a professional medical evaluation or even have specialized tests performed to affirm that they have an internal injury or a brain injury. Delaying a medical diagnosis can impact someone’s chances of getting compensation later. Most people involved in high-speed collisions may benefit from medical evaluation to at least rule out significant injuries.

Knowing what not to do, in addition to what steps someone should take, like reaching out to local law enforcement to file a police report, can help someone better handle the consequences of their situation if they get into a crash in New Mexico.